God's Trigger

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Violently fast

When an Angel and a Demon team up to kill their way into Heaven and stop the Apocalypse bullets are sure to fly and blood will be spilled. Play solo or in co-op, make split-second decisions, dodge bullets, and use weapons and special abilities to dispatch violence in the most brutal way possible.

And introducing:


After escaping from Hell, Judy has been trapped on Earth and thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. Unfortunately the starting Apocalypse threatens to ruin it all. Fighting with her bladed chain and making deadly use of her demonic powers, she’s the perfect yang for Harry’s yin.


A disgraced soldier of Heaven, Harry loses his wings and finds himself on Earth fighting for the fate of the World. Wearing his distaste for humanity on his sleeve, he’ll carve a path of destruction with his sword to save everyone... even if he has to kill them first.

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